Do you want your stairs to be a showpiece?  If so, read more about our process.  If not, let us refer you to a company which may be suited for your needs.

What to Expect at Our First Meeting

At our initial consultation, our clients get a better understanding of the selection process involved, before we can manufacture a staircase.

At StairGoddess, we will patiently walk you through the details, meticulously noting every step of the way. Our trained professionals will evaluate and offer ideas to create a one of a kind masterpiece for your home. Make no mistake. The devil is in the details.

Our Detailed Customer Process

As our customer, we will send you the following detailed process guide.  This process ensures that your stairway is exactly what you want and will perfectly fit in your home.


Please complete/confirm the following information.

  • Is the 2nd floor deck on?
  • Is the basement poured? (if we are building the stair to the lower level)
  • Is the header in place?
  • Is there in floor heat? If so please install 2 layers of ¾” x 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood  where the base of the stair is going to land in place of the gypcrete if not already  poured.
  • Fill out the attached floor coverings sheet.

Upon completion of the above information I (Dan Herring) will schedule a personal field measure.


The homeowner will need to pick out the floor coverings with the thickness of this product and fill out the attached sheet and sign off on it.  This is done so that the shop drawings can be drawn to spec with the correct rise.


Approximately 1-2 weeks after the field measure, you will receive shop drawings from StairGoddess that I will need you to sign off on regarding wood species, stair, railing style and layout, balustrade layout etc.


Please make any changes to the shop drawings at this time.  If a re-quote is needed I’ll let you know at this time.


After receipt and review of the signed off shop drawings there is an 8 week lead-time to build.  This is when the 8 weeks begins.


I’ll contact you with an estimated ship-date 3-4 weeks after signed off shop drawings and again 1 week prior to delivery with a solid day and time for delivery.


If the complete installation of the railings was contracted through StairGoddess I will schedule this with you during the delivery of the carriage.


A final payment less installation (if installation was accepted) will need to be received prior to shipment.


Upon stair delivery you will need 6-8 men at the jobsite to help off load the stairway and set the carriage.  This can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the need for jobsite adjustments.

Please keep front door out to allow us to carry the stair carriage into your structure.


All of the railings/balcony components will be delivered to the jobsite loose with the carriage.  These will need to be stored in a safe environment until our railing installer arrives.


Installation will start upon previously scheduled date.  An installation can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the railing system.


Upon installation and completion, the remaining balance must be handed to the installer upon final inspection and approval.  A jobsite check-off sheet (SB3) will also require a signature for final release.


Our stairs are delivered and installed without stain or varnish.


If the stair is supported by walls, framing will be needed after installation by the general contractor.


The underside of the stair carriage is not a finished product.  It will need to be framed and dry-walled or plastered to finish the underside, unless other arrangements or design changes have been made during the stair building process.


The stair carriage is one of the last items we would like to install into your home.  At a minimum, you will need to have the climate control installed and functioning and all drywall (with exception of around the stair area) installed and mudded, unless special arrangements are made.

It is not often that I take time to write a letter like this but in your case it is a real pleasure to let you know how my wife and I felt about a job you recently completed at our home. I cannot put into words how impressed we were in dealing with both of you and your staff at StairGoddess. My wife commented that ‘it is nice to see a firm that takes pride in the work that they do!’ I too cannot say enough about the way you worked with us and presented us with a number of options for our new stairway. Anyone that enters our home tells us they absolutely love it! Again, it was a real pleasure working with all of you at StairGoddess. Both my wife and I will recommend you to any of our friends and business associates. Thanks for a job well done.

Michael F. Gerrity